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Zoom Karaoke

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Karaoke Legends

Zoom Entertainments' Karaoke Legends offer a growing range of discs dedicated to either a single artist or similar groups of artists.

Pop Chart Picks

Zoom Entertainments' Pop Chart Picks Range have a great collection of the recent chart hits.

Vocal Stars

Zoom Entertainments' Vocal Stars range are themed discs, often concentrating on just a few artists per disc.

Platinum Artists

Zoom Entertainments' Platinum Artists range are discs dedicated to artists. One of the most popular ranges with a great variety of artists.

Movie Hits

Zoom Entertainments' Movie Hits range contain hits from some of the most famous singalong movies like Grease, Mamma Mia and, of course, High School Musical.

Jukebox Series

Zoom Entertainments' Juke Box Series contain all the classics from when the Jukebox was the most important thing in the room!